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Nutrition and Dietetics
NUTR 214
Louise Thibault

Lecture 1, Chapter 1+2 Food selection Criteria (Sensory Criteria) - Scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyze and interpret - We use all 5 senses  food industry knows this, and also use our psychology Sight/Appearance - Texture, imperfections, consistency, shape, size, shine - Colour: wavelengths radiating from object o Optic nerve activation when light hits rhodopsin o Colours need to be taught 1. Freshness (salads) 2. Taste (dark vs milk choco, granny vs gala apples) 3. Ripeness 4. Richness (whole vs skim milk (blue)) 5. Nutritive value 6. Food grade (maple syrup, honey) 7. Doneness Odour/Smell - Detection by olfactory epithelium (when sniff, swallow, exhale) - Substances need to be volatile - 10-20 million cells in epithelium (animals have more…) - Anosmia = lack of ability to smell - Direct: through nose and hits olfactory epithelium - Indirect: in mouth, become volatile and travel past pharynx - Some odours very potent (vanillin) - Heat increases volatility - 2000-4000 odours detected by humans o Some can detect 10 000 (rare, born with) - More you smell, less it smells  adaptive! - Six groups of odours o Spicy, flowery, fruity, resinons (eucalyptus), burnt, foul - Another way to categorize: o Fragrant (sweet), acid (sour), burnt, caprylic (goaty) Taste - Needs to be dissolved in liquid or saliva (99% composed of water) - Sensed by taste buds (flower shaped) on papillae of tongue - On tongue’s underside, sides and tip - On soft palate + back portions of epiglottis (pharynx) - Humans have 9000 to 10 000 taste buds - Die and regenerates within 10 days, but decreases with age o Therefore elderly seasons more heavily - Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami (MSG Monosodium Glutamate) o Glutamate is beef taste w/o salt o MSG enhances meats and vegetables - Taste threshold: the [] necessary to elicit taste response
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