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22 Apr 2012
Phil 200 Intro to philosophy
Ontology What is there? What types of things exist, are real as opposed to
What place do we have in the universe as human beings? Do we have a central role
or are we just insignificant inhabitants of a medium sized planet going round an
undistinguished sun? Does that give us an important position in the world?
Aristotle and the Greeks we’re not the centre of the universe. Everything revolved
around the earth, blahblahblah.
Maybe as humans, we’re somewhere in between.
What is thinking? Muttering a word of language prompted by thoughts, how does
language have the power to convey things when they aren’t there, things that may
even not exist.
Logic concerns the relationship of concepts in language. How language is
interconnected. AI: Artificial intelligence, aim is how thinking could be reproduced
outside the human brain. Made by human beings, not born from the womb.
The link between current time and place, and past memory/thought, human beings
can intend to do things, desire, want to do things. Can human beings makes things
happen in the world? Or are we all pawns within the physics of the world, natural
forces. Human beings differ because of values. What are values? According to the
concept of what is good and bad, our lives are shaped in different ways
Can we say that a good person seeks the good, as we know it and desires to bring
the good to others? It’s related to value and plays a very important part in
philosophy. If we removed value completely from the universe, would it be the
same? Is it inherent in the world?
What does philosophy mean?
Philo love
Sophia wisdom
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