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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Jan. 23rd)

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

rdJanuary 23Question In what way does Fichte suggest that we choose the I as free and not take the route of dogmatism In what way can we think of ourselves as determining natureReason pushes us towards transcedental idealism Reason says that it does not make sense to think of the self as a thing in itself as a neumenal being Argument there is a stage in the Vocations dialectical scepticism that the thing in itself is a thoughtnothing to point to The I must be something free In the beginning there was action thought is the act of creation The human being is active and its essence is to strive an agency Therefore to say I is normative one must be moral Yet one cannot force people to accept this doctrine Therefore it depends on a persons relation with this philosophy Fichte notes that many philosophies fall into an infinite regress Fichte recognizes that it is impossible to begin a philosophy without presuppositions for humans cannot obtain a Gods eye view of the world As it is impossible to begin without presuppositions the nature of ones philosophy therefore depends on the presuppositions that one holds in the beginning Fichte believes that transcendental idealism provides a more satisfying answer to his presuppositions
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