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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Mar. 5th)

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thMar 5Central question for Johannes Climacus how to be a true ChristianNot by means of the systemThe system is logically possible but fraught with difficultiesAn existential system is not possible for humanity It does exist but humanity can neither observe nor grasp it This is because any existential system is a completed whole but existence is never completed Were always on the way Systematic thought must think of existence as mediated finished redundant and this is not existence It is precisely because humanity is an unfinished striving that we can never grasp the goal of striving with any finalitySee Fichte SchillerTherefore it is impossible for the systematic philosopher to look back on his existential system because he is still in existence Who is actually able to look back on this system and include all of existence in himself Only God That is why the systematic philosopher is ridiculousThus the system is both the completion and the elimination of life itself Or the philosopher believes hes God Or the philosopher thinks some quantitative transit
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