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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Feb. 27th)

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thFeb 27Overview of Hegels ProjectDifferenzschrift Phenomenology of Spirit Introduction to the Lectures on he History of PhilosophyFor Hegel Fichtes system of philosophy is a mediating system in which Reason takes its first speculative steps Hegel believes Fichte is not merely external reflective philosophy but genuine speculative philosophy Reflective philosophyphilosophy that distinguishes what is given in thought distinguishes subject from object and works mostly in a moment of understanding a momentary manifestation of thought one that regards distinctions as fixed or absolute essence vs appearance neumenal vs phenomenalSpeculativegenuine philosophy is able to dissolve these opposites and unite them It produces real and true thinking True thought is reality rather than describing reality For Hegel difference can be thought of as distinction reflective phil or a branching out divergence or differenz within the same basic structureThe advancements in philosophy and history are not a difference but an organic growth divergence The Differenz points back to a Trieb that moves one thought to the next on a common ground the Geist or Spirit This Spirit sustains the dialectic between the two systems The Trieb corresponds to the needs of the time Zeitgeist A Differenz in philosophy indicates that while they are different they are the same they are part of the same organic structureFor Hegel the time has come for system differentiation The form that Reason assumes at any given point in history is not reflective of the totality of Reason Phenomenology of SpiritHegel suggests that he wants to philosophy phenomenology explaining the outlined process but from a position that does not make any presuppositions He wants to begin with immediacy Hegel believes that one must begin from this purely descriptive position to see how the process takes place
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