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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Feb. 8th)

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thFeb 8Finishing SchillerTackling the central problem of how opposites may be united without contradiction yet still being maintained as oppositesAnswer The gulf between sensibility and reason is infinite and beauty is the mediating term between these two opposites Second problem Freedom vs Determinismif sensibility is to play a role in thoughtreason then reason is undermined and therefore freedom is underminedAnswer Beauty merely stimulates thought there is no worry of determinism Senses have a merely negative role if the matter of thought were removed entirely then the thought is empty Yet that doesnt mean sensuous reality plays a role in determining reason it only affects us insofar as that we think It makes us think but does not determine the content of thoughts Yet this seems to give an advantage to reason It seems that in showing the freedom of the mind he has lost the unity of the mindSchiller suggests that this is a question that he is not in a position to answer as a transcendental philosopher and not a metaphysicianSchiller suggests that it is the will the inner freedom of man that makes this unity possible and is the force that ensures reason does not domi
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