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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Mar. 19th)

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thMar 19Problema IIIThere is no justified concealment according to HegelKierkegaard says that that means Hegel should not celebrate Abraham as the father of faithKierkegaard means to contrast aesthetic concealment with ethical concealmentAesthetic concealment is freely chosen a free act for which the hero is responsible They are meant to entertain us but some lack ethical depth because what is ethically demanded is disclosureExamplesBridegroom of DelphiA terrible misfortune is predicted if the bridegroom marries the brideHe could ignore and assume that only he would be affected and not the bridge But this is not ethically proper because the bride knowing of the curse may not want to marry the groom If he is silent and bails on the marriage then that makes her happy and that is deceptive Thus the ethically just action is to tell her Disclosure is possiblehe can discloseand if he does so we can understand him Thus he never transcends the ethicalFor Kierkegaard this story sheds light on the paradox via negativaMermanOriginally the merman wants to take her down to sea and rape herHowever Kierkegaard rewrites the story here the merman is seduced by her she becomes the seducer Then because he is seduced he conceals his true purpose and tells her that he only wants to show her the sea Yet she is lost to him because to take her was his original goal the abduction so in a way he has gained her but in another he has lost her This causes him anguish which Kierkegaard terms as demonicShe is also unhappy because all she can get is a trip to the sea The merman is
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