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PHIL 370

Class FRHD1020 Couple and Family RelationshipsProfessor S MurrayTextbook The Family DynamicThe Canadian Perspective Fifth EditionAuthors Margaret Ward and Marc BelangerPublisher NelsonISBN 9780176502003Chapter 9 The LoneParent FamilyThe Majority FutureLearning ObjectivesTo look at the place of single parenthood in the family life cycleTo consider variations in single parenthoodTo examine the quality of life of singleparent families including that of the childrenTo explore two special groups of single parentsthe very young mother and the single fatherNorth American society expects adults in the family to come in pairs of opposite sex Noahs Ark SyndromeLone parent families may be considered broken or incomplete More than 80 of loneparent families hadwomen as the head of the family Between 19661991 loneparent families increased 269 number ofhusbandwife families increased 147 2006159 of families were loneparent families 258 of thosewith children One in five children born in the 1960s had lived in a singleparent home by age 12 for childrenborn in the 1970s age 8 born in the 1980s and by age 5 for those born in the 1990s which eludes to youngerages for those in the future 2006159 of Canadian families were loneparent families but the actualproportion of Canadian families who have ever experienced lone parenthood is much higher Loneparenthoodis often temporaryIncreased unmarried mothers fewer teen moms are married or put child up for adoption 1931lessthan half of 1 of loneparent families were the result of births to unmarried women in contrast to 22 in1996Society focuses on individualism and selfgratification not on responsibility Children are separate frommarriage Divorce rates have increased dramatically support for parents and family benefits exist cohabitationhas increased nonmarital sex is increasingly acceptedMost of the figures on lone parenthood are based on numbers for the total population in Canada or onstudies of the white majority 2001 Censushigher proportion of black children aged 114 lived with oneparent 46 than Canadian children in general 18 35 of Aboriginal children lived in singleparent homescompared to 17 of all children according to Stats Canada 2008Table 91LoneParent Families in Canada 19912006YearTotal LoneParent FamiliesMale ParentFemale ParentNo
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