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PHYS 101
Kenneth Ragan

Phys 101 Alanna Houston November 13, 2007 SOUND - - Example: The voice of a person who has inhaled Helium sounds very high pitched. Why? o Look at wave equation. Velocity increases by three and the frequency increases because the wavelength remains unchanged - Example: At 20 degrees C, (take v = 343 m/s), how long an organ pipe do you need for fundamental to be 294 Hz? o 294 = (2)(343/L) o L = 0.58 m - Example: An organ pipe resonates at 264 Hz. 440 Hz, and 616 Hz but not at any frequencies in between. Is it an open or a closed pipe? o Closed pipe. This is because there is a gap of 176, and then if you subtract 176 from 276, you get 88, which is not the other. Half of step between harmonics. o What is the fundamental frequency? 88 Hz Interference: - Sound waves come together to form interference - Spatial interference (same region) can happen constructively or destructively - Usually only specific wavelengths can interfere destructively - Interference can also happen in time such as in beats where there are two waves of similar frequency but not the same frequency. Phys 101 Alanna Houston - - The beat frequency is the difference between the original frequencies - - Example: Two violin strings are set to 294 H
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