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Lecture 2

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PHYS 183
Tracy Webb

th Lecture 2: January 9 , 2013 1: Our Place in the Universe  Hubble is one of the most powerful telescopes - it is in space  Galaxies are all different in shape, size and colour but they all contain stars 1.1 Modern View of the Universe  Earth is the only planet with known & confirmed life  Milky Way = our galaxy; collection of approximately 1 billion stars; colour & formation due to starlight  Sun is 2/3 of the way out of the galaxy  it is a star  Local group has 2 galaxies (Milky Way & Andromeda) and 20 small galaxies  Local supercluster = collection of galaxies in universe held together by gravity  Planet --> solar system --> galaxy --> local group --> local supercluster --> universe  Black spots on sun are large magnetic fields each bigger than earth  Nebula = cloud of interstellar gas/dust o New stars born out of this material o Moving, but we cannot see the movement --> happens over a very long span of time 
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