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Lecture 5

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PHYS 183
Tracy Webb

th Lecture 5: January 16 , 2013 o Johannes Kepler (German, 1571-1630)  Kepler’s three laws: new mathematical descriptions of the universe  Tycho’s assistant at Uraniborg Observatory  after Tycho’s death he devoted his life to mathematically describing the data  one of the first true theoreticians  circular orbits resulted in a small discrepancy with the data  saw discrepancy between Copernican model and the planets moving (8 minutes of an arch which is ¼ size of the moon)  “If I had believed that we could ignore these eight minutes of arc, I would have patched up my hypothesis accordingly. But, since it was not permissible to ignore, those eight minutes pointed the road to a complete reformation of astronomy”  3 laws of motion  planets move in ellipses (not circles)  planets move in elliptical orbits with the sun at one focus & nothing at the other focus o minor axis is the short side of the ellipse, major axis is the long side o eccentricity describes how much an ellipse deviates from o sun-planet distance varies during its orbit  not a source of seasons 
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