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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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McGill University
PHYS 183
Tracy Webb

th Lecture 6: January 18 , 2013  Galileo Galilei (Italian, 1564-1642) o solidified results through experiment & observation o first astronomer to use a telescope o 3 main objections to Copernican view (heliocentric) continued to be:  earth could not be moving because objects in air would be left behind  non-circular orbits are not perfect as the heavens should be  if earth were really orbiting the sun, we should detect stellar parallax o through experiments with rolling balls showed objects in motion stay in motion unless stopped by external force  objects that share earth’s motion through space will move with earth o telescope originally invented for sailors  Galileo often credited with inventing it but didn’t o first to point a telescope at the sky  saw craters & mountains on moon, spots on sun, moon-like phases of Mercury & Venus, objects orbiting the other planets  heavens & heavenly bodies were not perfect o can watch Jupiter’s moons orbit o didn’t observe stellar parallax but showed Milky Way was m
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