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Lecture 23

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PHYS 183
Tracy Webb

PHYS 183 – The Milky Way Inside and Out – Tracy Webb Winter 2013 Lecture 23: March 11 , 2013th  review o the mass of a star determines everything about it o stars of higher mass have higher core temperature & pressure  higher rates of fusion  they are more luminous & short-lived o stars of lower mass have lower temperature & pressure  lower rates of fusion  they are less luminous & long-lived o high mass stars are in the top left of the HR diagram; low mass stars are in the bottom right of the HR diagram o the sun is expected to live for 10 billion years  has already been through 5 billion ears o magnitude is another way of measuring luminosity o stars go from main sequence  giants  super giants  white dwarfs  main sequence stars burn H slow & steady  there is H everywhere in the star but in the core it is hot enough to fuse  once all the H in the core is burned, you have inert He in the core  no longer has pressure to support against gravity & star begins to collapse  then, a H shell forms around the He core and it begins to burn but it starts to become too efficient & pressure wins so outer layers of star expands so it ge
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