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Lecture 16

PHYS 183 Lecture 16: Dense Matters

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PHYS 183
Victoria Kaspi

1. Dense Matters  Quantum State of Matter o At extreme densities, matter behaves strangely o When we compress sub-atomic together very closely, quantum mechanics matters o Pauli exclusion principle: Subatomic particles cannot have identical properties, i.e. cannot be degenerate  Like snowflakes  Pressure when moving 2 identical particles together  Degeneracy pressure  Matters after nuclear reactions cease when gravity is pulling everything inward in collapsing star  Low mass stars particles never get close enough to fuse o Different energies means different quantum levels  Energy’s subatomic particles are multiplied  Aight so bouta drop some knowledge  There are different energy levels, two electrons can occupy one energy level (though cant be the same due to a trait called their spin which must be dissimilar)  This means even if you shmush shit close together there is a point where it cant get closer, as the energy levels cant be pushed together anymore  This is electron degeneracy pressure o Condensing closer any closer would cause a violation of the Pauli exclusion principle  White dwarfs o In stars having less mass than ~8 solar masses they eventually run out of fuel  Core collapses, outer layers expelled  Core: matter squeezed together so densely that EDP supports star from further collapse o Stats
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