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Lecture 24

PHYS 183 Lecture 24: PHYS 183 - Lecture 24

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PHYS 183
Gilbert Holder

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Lecture 24 March 13, 2017 Doppler shift in Binary Stars In regular stars, detect binary orbital motion from Doppler shift of wavelengths of absorption lines Moving towards you blue shifted Moving away from you red shifted Doppler Shift Radial velocity twice as large half the mass Doppler shit in binary pulsars Apparent pulse period in binary system changes due to Doppler shift Longer period = red shift Short period = blue shift Can study binary motion with exquisite precision Top of peaks longest period exactly away from you o Vice versa is also true Pulsar in an eccentric binary orbit Enables exquisitely precise dynamical measurements This shape from keplers law slow then fast Doppler shift in pulsar
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