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PHGY 209
Ann Wechsler

CNSCognitiveMotorIn our tongue there is about 10 000 taste buds on papillaeOur gustative sensory system has 5 modalitiesProtons H usually block ion channels or interfere w their function exTake the place of Nain sodium channels or block K in potassium channels Thats why licking salt and then taking tequila removes the salty sense acid interfere w salty sensation receptorsBitter sensation is a protection to prevent us from eating the wrong thingUmami is a flavor enhancement used in a lot of food these daysWe can differentiate about 10 000 odors against 5 gustative modalities Taste really comes from olfactionThere are only roughly 1000 different receptors in olfactory system Odorant molecules have different degree of affinity w each so we can distinguish 10 000 w 1000 receptorsOlfactory sensation doesnt go to the thalamus like other sensory systemsThe limbic system is involved in a lot of emotional responses so olfaction has a direct connection w the part of brain regulating emotions
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