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Lecture 5

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McGill University
PHGY 210
Michael Guevara

Lecture #5 Notes: 1: 2 main phases follicular phase and divided by ovulation and the later half is the luteal phase Day 1 endometrium degenerates. 2: Understand the cycle of hormones through menstruation FSH stimulates the development of follicular development Estrogen levels increase due to the late stages of follicular development Estrogen causes an increase in the thickness in the endometrium and then starts to produce progesterone receptors (progesterone takes of in the luteal phase) 3: GnRh comes from the hypothalamus Estradiol concentrations produce a lot of LH but at the same time is inhibiting the release of the LH At a certain point there will be an LH surge (day 14)when the estradiol conc. are high enough and this causes ovulation 4: Understand these feedback loops Fsh release is inhibited by inhibin released by granulosa cells LH stimulates follicular development and stimulates the development of estradiol 5: Oral contraceptive: suppress the release of LH and FSH- and they prevent the end result of low progesterone levelsand prevents ovulation C
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