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PHGY 210
John White

January 8, 2014 PHGY – 210 Lecture 2 Hypothalamic Hormones  Arginine vasopressin - control smooth muscle tone to control blood pressure Prolactin-inhibiting hormone -dopamine is also a neurotransmitter Posterior Pituitary Gland -secretes oxytoxin and vasopressin (ADH) -hypothalamic nuclei, nuclei= a series of neurons -hormones circulate in mature form and are liberated from carrier molecules -relatively short half-lives b/c once it’s needed and used, it’s disposed of > stability of hormones (proteins) in circulation OXYTOCIN - cells in uterus highly expressing oxytocin receptors Behavioral effects in both males and females: non-systemic release of oxytocin (only in brain) THYROID GLAND -contains colloid, whose major component is thyroglobulin -no gene encoding thyroid hormone -thyroglobulins produce the hormone, production is stimulated by TSH -need iodine in diet as thyroid hormones contain iodine Synthesis of thyroid hormones Oxidative coupling of two DIT forms thyroxine (T4), while oxidative coupling of one MIT with one DIT forms -still under the control of TSH -w/out, t
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