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Lecture 28- Wednesday, March 17 , 2010th Digestion Chemical breakup to progressively smaller molecules results from the secretory activity of a large number of exocrine glands found within and in association with the GIT, releasing their products into the lumen of the digestive tract. Secretion is an active, energy dependent and blood flow dependent process, resulting in the release of a fluid containing ions and a variety of enzymes. 3 Types of enzymes: AMYLASES PROTEASES LIPASES Pattern of Regulation 1. Nervous (ans) 2. Hormonal (gut peptides) Major Salivary Glands -Parotid Gland -Submandibular Gland -Sublingual Gland Saliva -Volume: 0.5-1.5 L/d -Ions: Na+, K+, Cl-, HCO3-, HYPOTONIC -pH: 6.5-7.0 -Starch (polysaccarides)  ptyalin (pH ~7)  maltose (disaccharides) -Mucin gives saliva lubricating properties -Lipase? -Lysozyme antibacterial function Regulation: Phases of Secretion page 590 -Psychic (Cephalic) -Gustatory (Cephalic) -(Gastric/Intestinal)  not very important Mixed Gastric Juice page 591-597 -1.5-2 L/Day -Isotonic fluid: Na+, K+, Cl-,H+ -pH 1-2 -Pepsinogen -Intrinsic Factor allows the absorption of vitamin B12 -Mucin -Surface epithelial cells secrete a mucous, alkaline fluid -Cardiac and Pyloric tubular glands secrete an alkaline mucin-rich fluid Gastric Glands in Fundus and Corpus pages 593-597 -Known as the main gastric glands -3 types of secretory cells  Parietal/Oxycintic Cell  HCL (only one to secrete acid)  Chief Cell  pepsinogen  Mucus Cells  mucin rich fluid When these glands secrete, they secrete a lot. All other glands secrete less. Structure of Parietal Cell -Nexium is an inhibitor of hydrogen potassium ATPase, prevents excessive acid secretion Scheme for HCl Secretion - a) Cl entering
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