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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Poli 211 Lecture Notes November 14 2012h **Don’t need to read Nigeria and European Union Mexico  Presidential system which has borrowed many of the institutions from America but works differently because of a variety of factors  President has too much power (historically) until now  Legislature at the federal level does not allow for continuity  Legacy of the past and how it continues to affect contemporary Mexico Development path of Mexico  Why Mexico seems to be in a continues state of democratic transition and why things have still not settled down o The Conquest of New Spain – Bernal Diaz  Elliot? (Take note of this name)  The Aztec empire was a huge empire that stretched beyond the current boundaries of Mexico  When Herman Cortes arrived in 1519, he found a w well established and a sophisticated civilization  The country had been the place for many different people, the Maya and the Aztecs and they achieved a high level of architecture, sophisticated agriculture, and powerful militaries so that in fairness, it wasn’t just a Spain who brought military conquest, it has actually taken place before they had came in  Originally, the population of the Aztecs in the 16 century, the population was estimated to be 25 Million Local natives, but by the early 17 century, due to illnesses and epidemics, population (indigenous) have been reduced to 1 million  The Aztec empire was replaced by an equally higher Spanish empire which created a different legacy than the one that the British developed in north America o One critical difference was that unlike North America, the indigenous population in Mexico was far more developed culturally, architecturally, and etc. than the north American natives, the civilizations were different o The English empire in North America was protestant, and protestant looked down on the natives and did not associate with them as the Spaniards interacted more than the British did o They did so because they were catholic and their view of religion was slightly different that protestants, as it made no difference who you were, as you were equal before God o The French integrated with the locals more than the British o It has been argued that religion can be used as a factor  Mexico became one of the richest Spanish possessions th  During the 18 century, was exploitation of local resources on the part of the Spaniards and in the mean time, the tendency of people to settle down and find that the climate was much more hospitable than North America, meant that by the end of the 18 century, and beginning of the 19 , there was a population that was mixed in terms of ethnic origins  There were Mexican descendants of the Spanish colonists as well as the pure Spaniards  Twthpowerful group of people who struggled for authority in the second half of the 18 century  Aristocracy continued to be loyal to Spain, while the other equally wealthy developed a local attachment  The impact of the French revolution, was followed by the American Revolution, which cont
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