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POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Poli 211 Lecture Notes Oct.1 2012 France  Came to study the American system to better understand the French in the 1830s  Read Textbook chapter on France o Importance of France (p.89) o Feudalism to absolutism to empire to republic o Revolution and the origins of contemporary French o Institutions, interests, and identity o Colberstone (p.99) o Napoléon Bonaparte o Jacobisme o 15 century France- search for stable institutions and identity o Third republic and social stable mate  Laite  Dreyfus affair  From the front populaire to the Vichy state  Liberation in the cold war o Fifth republic since 1958  De gualle  Cohabitation  And electoral laws o Democratic consolidation or lack of leadership?  Key phrases p.130  Bottom of page 4 and beginning of page 5 Major points  France is an ancient monarchy  Two empires: napoleon for the first, napoleon the third  Five republics and the fifth republic was established in 1958 as a result of the Algerian crisis  In spite of the changes that have taken place, administratively, the government system in France, at the bottom  The system of the public administration has remained invariant, and has not changed and has fundamentally remained the same  At the bottom, the local level, the bureaucratic administration [page 169 of course pack]  The paradox: things change in order to remain the same  Find contrasting view of French politics  There is a progressive view [revolution] and a conservative view [ oppose changes ]  The rich variety of political ideas [political families]  The left, the center, the right, page 171  Two contending visions of France  1.) Acceptance of the French revolution as a starting point  2.) A unitary conception of political authority (gargantuan at the national level)  Centralized government and administration o Model for many other countries to adopt o It’s system of government was adopted and replicated by other countries o Even the Japanese, when they reformed their system in the 1870’s, their concept is based on France  Central monopoly is good o All trains in France run through Paris  Centralized government in every way o One system of education o Not just for foreign affairs, but for domestic affairs as well  Growth on national monarchy was established in France as a unitary conception  Britain is much more decentralized  In France, there is state intervention in the economy we do not understand this in America, Sometimes called “state capitalism”  What kind of development path did France have and follow? o In spite of the different regimes, and competing visions, most leaders and intellectuals in France and the organization of the system that they have is based on the following foundations  1.) A unitary conception of Authority  2.) Centralized government and administration  3.) State Intervention  How long did the third republic last? o 1871-1940 o 1946-1958- Fourth republic  The creation of liberal democracy in France, how does it differ from Great Britain  Minimizing the role of the monarch, and shifting it to institutional representatives  1.) Gradualism in the changes that have taken place in England  Changes in the philosophy of government and practice of government, however in France, there have only been rules in form, but rules in use remained the same  2.) Successful rise of a commercial and capitalistic economy in the late 18 and early 18 century in England which allowed greater possibility for o Common people gained greater voice and their contributions to the wealth of nations o Concerned with the wealth of the nation [ Adam smith ]  3.) Britain provided a global empire for all materials and manufactures, source of national pride, training ground of elite  Canada, America France  History of being victorious over King  Commercial yet advanced society  In history dealing with Aerial France, which remain autonomous, local services  Choenin  local administration [readings: standard bureaucracy and local in France  American case is useful to discussion because chapter 5  In France, local governments was encapsulated and became part of the large bureaucracy
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