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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Poli 211 Lecture notes Oct.10 2012 Germany  We study it as an example of middle developers, political systems that emerge later than Britain and France o Why did Germany unify late? o Why such a high developed society that contributed so much to human civilization, generated a system of government- Nazism that was mildly barbaric, and yet lasted a long period of time (until Hitler committed suicide) o Can we begin to understand the factors that led to this situation? Where people no longer knew what was right or wrong. o How did Germany dramatically change?  What is Christian democracy? o A movement that became different political parties in Germany and Belgium, and in Italy before and during the first world war o Challenge of liberal democracy to emerge o Christian democracy emerged after the second world war o Called it Chancellor  Adenrea Conrad – mayor before the Nazis, Christian democrat  Germany was to brought together by the Russians and the Americans, beca
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