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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Poli Sci Comparative govtpolitics 211 Ghazal Naimi th Sept 5 2012Important to do the readings Understanding different political views from various countries around the world Indepth political aspectsHow have they emerged the way they did Canadas political systemQuebecReadings to be done for the next two weeks these can be found in course packThe Federalist nos 1 and 10 Alexander Hamilton John Jay and James Hamilton any edition Indianapolis Liberty Fund pp 4249 Peter T Leeson 2009 Vote for Blackbeard The Economics of Pirate Democracy Pp 2344 In his The Invisible Hook The Hidden Economics of Pirates Princeton Princeton UP Mancus Olson 1993 Dictatorship Democracy and Development American Political Science Review 87 567576 Mark SprouleJones 1993 A Framework for Institutional and Policy Analysis In Governments at Work Toronto U of Toronto Press 2133 Vincent Ostrom Charles M Tiebout and Robert Warren 1961 The Organization of Government in Metropolitan Areas A Theoretical Inquiry American Political Science Review 55 December 831842 Mark SprouleJones 1993 Evaluation In Governments at Work Toronto University of Toronto Press 261274 This isnt in the course pack but find it and readtake notes on this Herbert Kischelt 2003 Accounting for Post communist Regime Diversity What Counts for a Good Cause Pp 4985 In G Ekert and Stephen E Hanson eds Capitalism and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe New York Cambridge University PressThe readings will be very difficult but Prof will provide clues throughout the course Make sure you read AND understand the readings Appreciate human diversity When there are 5 Italians there are 8 opinions Human diversity where the first two readings set out the tendency for people to pursue this or their preferences Logic how political systems are established text begins by introducing etcSprouleJones is writing about Canada extending to other countries as well Hardcore concepts that can be applied to any political systemsYou can apply this to any country group of people Introduction and expands to interests identities and institutions This reading compliments others as wellOstrom deals with issue of goods public goods They elaborate what Sproulejones does what is gov for Draws on the American case classic article that YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT What is healthcare What good is ito Discussion of different ways of understanding public goodsThere are socialist countries where private property isnt recognized everything was public goods and paper How do we measure the performance of government We use elections but they are imperfect ways of measuring what satisfies peopleo Compelled to make a choice whether or not you like that party not much of a choice Measurement is a critical problem Last two pieces deal with challenge of evaluationhow do we evaluate Office hours are Monday 103011 weds 430after class Leacock building 518 Federalist papers are due for Friday 110 from coursepack And read interests page 22 from textbook and onTAKE NOTES
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