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Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

th Jan 11 th Long 19 century (1789-1945) French Revolution to the military defeat of fascism A period marked by messy, unstable politics, where democracy is seen as an option rather than a necessary regime 1815- 1 attempt at interstate solidarity 1848- Series of failed social revolutions in West and Central Europe, revolutions which seek to instill a political regime based on republicanism 1870- Franco Prussian war and the transition to French politics 1917- Beginning of the end of the Russian revolution 1933- Transition to national socialist regime in Germany, occurs peacefully Period is marked by divisions in Europe about what sort of political regime should be put into place French Revolution - Challenge to principles used to legitimize old regimes - Challenge to French legacy of absolutism - Revolution not just political, but attempts to be social and religious Radicalism of FR lies in its commitment to democratic republicanism- 2 elements: 1) Rejection of principle of monarchical rule - Abolition of monarchy- very radical aim, don’t want reform - Revolution did not start out so radicalized, but the reformers lost control of the process - Challenge to monarchical rule in all places, not just France - Local in organization but cosmopolitan in implications 2) Challenged role of Church in legitimizing regime (Catholicism) - Challenge to Church in general - Civil religion of republicanism as a replacement- venerates principles of republican self- government Effect of FR Howard: - Pits party of order against party of movement - FR was an incomplete revolution - Was powerful enough to overthrow the old regime but not powerful enough to prevent it from returning - Was a political stalemate between republicans (party of movement) and those who sought to restore monarchy without absolutism (party of order) - Party of order/movem
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