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Lecture 3

POLI 212 Lecture 3: Chapter 3

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Political Science
POLI 212
Anthony Imbrogno

Political parties Socialist parties: France under Mitterand - Nationalisation unified the left during a time of economic crisis - removed power of private capitalists but not their expertise - mixed results, nationalisation later abandoned UK - Nationalisation: NHS created, railways created etc - then back and forth between right and left - decline in 70’s called ‘winter of discontent’ - in political wilderness when Thatcher 79’ privatises. Labour advocates nationalisations - Finally Blair comes into power and abandons nationalisation. acceptance of the free market - Creation of the “new” labour: combo of support for social programs and recognition of private business and smaller gov Liberal Parties Common concerns: freedom, both individual and for the market democratic societies must be maximally free to profit from opportunities State has limited responsibilities, otherwise individuals autonomous Conservative parties Common concerns: preventing decay and radical change Stable society requires guidance of individuals via institutions of state, ch
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