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Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

MARCH 2, 2012: Conference (Midterm Review)  Out of the French Revolutions comes the party of order and the party movement. It was almost like a civil war between the two groups. Their principles were strong that people could not compromise until the fascism option comes off the table in 1945.  Republican challenge, traditionalists (conservatives, favoured monarchy and church, tended to be religious-politically catholic as well).  Republicanism= wanted self-determination of peoples (somewhat of a nationalist principle), generally interested in a more secular state to the extent that it became anti- clerical and anti-Catholic, popular sovereignty (Not democracy). They were trying to replace the loyalty of religious people from the church to the symbols of the secular state- “a civil religion.”  Popular sovereignty vs. democracy= one element of popular sovereignty could be democratic republicanism, but it is just he idea that the ruler gets their policies from the wants of the people, and democracy is one way to interpret this.  Party of order= political Catholicism, wanting to restore monarchical author
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