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Political Science
POLI 221
Christa Scholtz

The Formal Executive The Crown September-18-12 10:09 AM The Governor General The formal executive: Crown and Governor General (1867) I. EXECUTIVE POWER: Declaration of Executive Power in the Queen: 9. The executive Government and Authority of and over Canada hereby declared to continue and be vested in the Queen II. LEGISLATIVE POWER: Constitution of Parliament of Canada: 17. There shall be one Parliament for Canada, consisting of the Queen, an upper house styled the Senate, and a House of Commons. Original Role: Head of State, Representative and Official of the British Government (Appointed by the Queen). There is a principle that "The Queen can do no wrong". Not that she does not make mistakes, but rather that she is not responsible for any mistakes made in her name. It is a way of maintaining political and legal accountability. She CANNOT act unconstitutionally. Not bound under the convention of responsible government. Based on Royal Prerogative which makes no sense in our democratic society. The Formal Executive Crown and Governor General -"Canadianising" the Office of the Governor General -Mackenzie King is Prime Minister, Lord Byng is Governor General. King is in trouble and there is question into whether or not confidence will be lost in his minority government. Arguably he will lose confidence of the house. Meets with Lord Byng for a dissolution of Parliament, but Lord Byng says no. So King resigns immediately. But when the government resigns the ministry and cabinet
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