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Issues in Governing Canada

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Issues in Governing CanadaDecline of people voting is reflected in our generationas a whole shows that Canadians are dissatisfied by our democratic processDemocratic DeficitSteven Harper elected with 40 attempts to say the Conservatives reflect Canadian society The electoral system is not fair doesnt translate votes into seat properlyIts a significant problem when you get a majority government based on a minority vote Because of party discipline members of parliament dont represent us They represent our party TO us The overwhelming power the PM holdsoverwhelms parliament as well as his cabinet ministers 2008 we had a significant problem Minority government of Steven Harper drastically miscalculated issued a statement knee capping Canadian democracy by saying they were going to stop funding of democratic parties Harper and advisors argued that only in elections can you change governmentsnonsense They can be defeated and replaced Harper went to Governor General and argued she had no choice but to
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