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The House of Commons

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Monday September 26 2011Topic 4 The House of Commons The House of Commons Dignified or Efficient Two main functions of the HoCRepresentation Argues that the HoC is not very representativeUntil 1930 Woman could not vote and in the 1800s voting was based on property Now we have a system of universal suffrage One of the corner stones of democracy is one person one vote And that vote should be equal This is not the case in Canada in terms of territories constituenciesTerritory there are significant regional differences regarding the vote The Maritime provinces are over represented in the HoC and some of the larger provinces like Ont BC and Alb are under represented 30 more seats will be added to the HoC to balance the under representation 18 seats will go to Ont With this increase of seats this will significantly decrease the representation of Quebec from 25 to 22 There is controversy about the reduction of seats for Quebec and it
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