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Federalism: Creation and Evolution - Contemporary Federalism

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

thGovernment of CanadaNovember 9 FederalismCreation and EvolutionContemporary FederalismPM is the foreign minister when it comes to main issuesex G8 meetings trade agreements o Becomes chief negotiator on major issues After 1960s the provincesPremiers become a check on the PMo Premiers are chief negotiators in the most important issues for the provincesWhen you get an intergovernment agreement akin to a treaty presented to HoCo Reminds parliamentarians of their insignificanceChief of staff Mulroney1984distrusted the bureaucracy Conservative government gets elected thinks bureaucracy is too liberal partisan Creates political deputy minister chief of staffirrelevant todayabolished in 93 by ChretienThe Courts topic 9Fundamental transformation in structure of power and governing Canada Have emerged as a check but not on Parliament Three views of the courts o Little has changed it is not the dawn of a new eraChief Justice Dickson o We have gone in less than
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