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The Senate

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

thGovernment of CanadaOctober 5The SenateWhen Canada was created spent most of their time talking about the Senate o PEI refused to join confederation in 1867 because of the Senatethey wanted an elected SenateLegislative role within the Parliament of Canada o Meant to be a checking institution to check the popularly elected House of Commons o Designed to protect minorities The rich will always be a minorityJohn A MacDonald o Senate wanted to protect the property classes o Requirement was propertymoney o Was to be a chamber of Sober second thoughtNot to control House of Commons not to be equal in principle but to act as a check on the elected base HoC o Also to be part of the federal system Not meant to represent provinces meant to represent regions Designed as another check in our system of governmentOntarioQu
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