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The Constitution

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

thGovernment of CanadaSeptember 12 Topic 2 The ConstitutionPurposes the constitution doesnt really do the last two thingsRule book for the conduct of political lifeDefines key relationships between executive legislature and judicial institutionsBetween levels of government provinces and federal governmentBetween citizens and their governmentsRepresents basic values of political system Nature of Constitution purposes components question on governor general should she have given Mr Harper the prorogation conference topicsSince 1982 section 50 states that the constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada and any law inconsistent with the provisions is the existence of the consistency with no force or effect Anything in conflict with this is null and voidwho decides whether something is in violation The courts As a result of the charter is people claiming the constitution is theirsFour basic elements entrenched constitutional law both 1867 and 1982 are entrenched hardest the change Some provisions if the 1982 ex Office of the queen gg number of provinces composition of supreme courtan amendment requires unanimity10 provinces and federal governmentSome are slightly easier 7 provinces only required representin
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