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Checks and Balances/The Constitution

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

thGovernment of CanadaSeptember 9 How do you judge the effectiveness of an institution Checks and balances distribution of power location of power which institutions have power actors It becomes less effective when it loses capacity to check another system The Governor General was a check in the government of Canada she was there to check Cabinet as a collective was to be a check on individual members of the cabinet we have collective government we dont simply have a president Its also to be a check on the PM It has lost its effectiveness on its check on the PM as he has elevated himself above the cab The appointed Senate was supposed to be a check on the HOCsupposed to be based on representation of populationarguably has ceased to be that The HOC was supposed to be a check on the executive All of this has ceased to be the case The executive holds the HOC to it because of party disciplineRead Mallory article every section of the course o Power is a relationship between 2 or more political actors where one actor A can be said to have power over another actor B if he or she can both order B to do something which B would not otherwise choose to do and expect complianceobedience from B o
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