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MegaConstitutional Politics

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

thNovember 28Government of Canada MegaConstitutional PoliticsVictoria Charter 1971Trudeauwants a panCanadian attitude1969 Trudeau is PM gets a sense of how he will do constitutional reformNo extra powers for provinces charter of rights panCanadian attitudeReshaping federal institutions equality for both languages reform institutions senatecourtstrengthening the federal governmentAgreement some provision for a Charter of RightsBill of Rightscornerstone with language rights Role for provinces SC AppointmentsAmending FormulaQC denied greater powergets very little in regard to changes in powers Becoming a modern state wants more powersterms of family youthgets nada Any province with 25 of the population got a veto on any constitutional amendment Spending Powerexplicitly recognized in charterNovember 1976election of a PQ government committed to a referendum North American European UnionQuebecthe rest of Canada o Trudeau government respondstime for action reform Senate federal government charter no switch in federa
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