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Lecture: Nationalism and Federalism 2

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Lecture: Nationalism and Federalism 2 January 22, 2013 - How should one respond to such a close vote in the 1995 referendum?  Involve with the Supreme Court to make a reference = Resolve legal uncertainty in the event of a future successful referendum - Reference: Supreme Court can give an advisory opinion  Not technically law but treated as is; feds asked the SCC’s legal opinion  SCC can decline to answer; you may also not get the answer you want - Supreme Court secession reference (1998)  Right under Canadian constitution for a province to secede unilaterally (NO)  Right under international law for a province to secede unilaterally (NO)  If there is a conflict between domestic and international law, neither takes precedence - Reference sets out constitutional principles • Federalism • Democracy • Constitutionalism and the rule of law; government has to stay within law (no shit) • Respect for minorities = No hierarchy; all need to be evenly d
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