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Poli 222 Lecture 2

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Lecture 2 - January 17th January-17-12 2:36 PM Founding Ideas: the 'isms' • How different is Canada from the US? o Do we have greater faith in gov't institutions? Are we more tolerant and have greater norms of ideological toleration? • While the left right continuum has it problems it is useful in showing the array of political ideologies • All places have contradictions - understanding polisci means understanding when which values trump others o Example is views on gov't intervention • The left o 'Classical' socialism • Marxism • Social rights • Welfare of society is maximized through econ regulation • High tolerance of gov't intervention • Egalitarian -> destruction of class • Treating society as more than just the sum of individuals o Vs. contemporary socialism • Collective, social community • Social democrat • Social realism • Accepts a role for basic economics and market realism -> also the market to run itself to a certain degree (places strong boundaries) • Gov't intervention is required in the market -> to ensure equality • Fundamental distribution of wealth o NDP, Canadian Auto Workers Union, generally speaking the labour movement, Party Quebecois • The messy middle o 'Classical' or 'market' liberalism • Liberalism is associated with human rights • Market deregulation • All men are equal, all are naturally free, legitimacy of the ruler given by consent of the governed • Citizens can resist if there is a legitimate cause for resistance against the gov't (John Locke) • Society is a sum of its individuals - collective welfare is reached through the operation of the free market o Vs. 'contemporary' liberalism • Idea of redistribution of wealth is appropriate to guarantee stability -> create equality of opportunity • For capitalism to work it requires a strong state presence  To ensure property rights and enforce contract law • The right: conservativism o 'classical' conservatism • Concern for a natural soci
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