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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

LobbyingDefinition To seek influence a politician or public official on an issue derives from the practice of frequenting the lobby of a house of legislature to influence its members into supporting a causeThere is an aspect of inappropriateness to lobbying people bribing politicians to pass legislature favouring the organizationcompany they represent What determines successYou have to be there developing relationshipsDevelop a profilemake yourself known to those creating policyHave mutual interest park managers looking to spend money they already haveProviding useful informationDemonstrating that there is an attentive or mobilized constituencysupport of the target or client groupTiming coincided with an interest by policy makers of doing something with the parkLobbying BadCapture theory interest groups with resources will capture policy actorsPrivate not public interest Dont represent the grassroots but astroturf The sleaze factorEither real or perceived conflicts of interest between lobbyists and those that they lobbyFriends doing favours for friendsExchanging money for favour
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