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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Political Process and Behaviour in CanadaLecture 1 Ways of Thinking about the political processPolitics and the policy processPolitics the activity by which rival claims are settled by public authorityRival highlights the competition over finite political resourcesFinances money which is available to spend on the publicpolitical willpublic attentionlegislative time government must decide what its legislative priorities areClaims there are demands which are expressed and channeled through the political systemwe want things money equality healthcare even playing field opportunityNot all demands can be metPublic requires a collective response to these demands the power of the collective will has to be harnessed and issues cannot simply be addressed by individuals on their own The result being that we need politics to solve our problemsAuthority must engage the power of the state Stages of a political processProblem definition how many fish can you catch As much as you can eat As much as possible to sell to othersgetting organized we need to be attuned to the fact that there will not always be a group there to influence our government Eg Should mothers have to take on the full economic burden to raise their children where do groups come from Building a political
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