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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Founding Ideas The ismsThe LeftClassical Socialism welfare of society is maximized through social planning high tolerance of government intervention in the economy and other aspects of human life destruction of class egalitarian economic differences should not be a staple of the nation associated with the working class collective bargaining unions vsContemporary socialism more of a mix of both left and right winged views allow the market to work to a certain degree places strong boundaries on that market government intervention is appropriaterequired Argues for fundamental redistribution of wealth NDP Tommy Douglas Canadian Autoworkers Parti Quebecois social democrat social realismWe live with contradiction all the time we adopt some positions on one topicand disregard them on anotherGovernment Intervention is it good or badIntervening in the economyintervening in social issuesGay marriageIt is not necessary that each party in Canada represent the following definitions word for wordThe Messy MiddleClassical or Market Liberalism all men are created equal and naturally free Locke because of this no one has a natural right to rule another The powers of government are inherently limited forming a government was to protect property protect liberty and should not be in
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