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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Mass Media EffectsThe Media environment has changed in the last 20 years What does it mean for the media to have an effect What does it mean for the media to have an effect on the way we thinkWhat role does the media have on the formation of public opinionHow do you find media effects How you hunt them downWhat are the possible types of effectsHow durable are these effectsIs everyone affected by media in the same way Are some more susceptible If it is dependent on who is listening is it correct to think of it as one publicHow many variations can that message be received and understoodDo these messages challenge what you thinkTo answer these questions you have to have a theory about how people take in information how they understand information and how that affects them going forward You have to have a theory of public opinion1950s rise of broadcast journalism how does it affect votersconclusion media does not have much of an effect voters are uninterested and this caused little interest in the field This would change in the 1980s Larry Bartels work in the 80s questioned how so much political resources is dedicated to trying to manage it t
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