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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Social Movements Lecture 17Defining social movementsSydney Tarrow collective challenges based on common purposes and social solidarities in sustained interaction with elites opponents and authorities Charles Tilly Sustained challenges to power holders in the name of a disadvantaged population by means of repeated public displays of that populationss numbers commitment unity and worthinessClusters of historicallyspecific clusters of political performanceabout asserting ones agenda in a public fashion it has its biggest impact when it sets a public agenda While disadvantages you have power in numbersAn example may be the British Suffragettes American Civil Rights movementAnti war VietnamCentral to the idea of social movementa loose aggregationor collective of groups or individualsA sometime quite loose coalition of actorsPost Modern ideasocial movements are about the formation of new collective identitiesThey are not just about talking to power but having a larger public discussion its about affecting the way that people think From social movement to social networkunderstanding a movement as a network of actorsFormal network analysis a way of trying to analyze a network by identi
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