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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Machinery of Government How do you influence outcomes political identity political philosophy decisions made by our collective institutions policy rules that a government adopts to address a particular concernIf you want to change things you have to understand the environmentOf power Presidential vs ParliamentaryPresidential president addresses congress but he is not a member of it he tries to influence congress he lobbies congress he seeks for congress to approve his legislative agenda He does not have a role of introducing his plan instead he has members of his party do it for him Not all legislation is equal and does not have a necessary impact on the public purse Who has the power to introduce spending measures into congress Member of the senate or house of representativesIn order to get your voice heard you have to figure which members of congress yield the most influence Parliamentary Our parliamentary system is represented by the prime minister sitting within the house of commons The prime minister is not mentioned in our constitution So who is our executive The crown queen represented by the Governor General Members of the Privy council have a job to advise the queen The Prime Minister is a key member of the Privy council Has a key role in deciding who is a part of the council by selecting members of Cabinet The advice the prime minister gives is the key center of power PM is a member of the legislative branch Any legislation that involves raising of public funds must be introduced in the house of commons It has to be introduced by the government within the house of commons In order to introduce any policy change you need the buy in of the Prime Minister and his privy council Power Canadian PM is a much more powerful actor than the American President You need to understand those who are close to the PM close to the cabinet understand the structure of Bureaucracy everything that flows to the PM comes from those key policy advisors Prime MinisterPower comes from a number of sources his choice about who forms cabinet who gets to be a part of Privy councilOnly the PM gets to decide how big the Cabinet is who gets to be a part whether regions should be incorporatedPM decides how the administration of government will look like Decides who the top dogs are in OttawaPrime Minister has power because he determines who his advisors arehe gets the decision over his own chief of staffCentral agencies whose role Privy Council Office PCO secretariat job is to helpsupport cabinetthe head of the office is the clerk The clerk of the privy council is the top dog top bureaucrat The job of the clerk appointed by PM is to provide impartial advice to the cabinet and the PM It is one of the central policy coordinator make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing Most senior advisor to elected officials Privy office coordinates everything that the cabinet and PM might need to make a decision Privy council job is to manage all the papers and present them to members of Cabinet and the PMPrime Ministers Office PMOsource of partisan advice political advice The difference is that the PMOs job is to provide policy
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