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Political Science 222 lecture 21.docx Kathryn Harrison: The Regulators Dilemma

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

April 10 2012 Political Science 222 Lecture 20Kathryn Harrison The Regulators DilemmaTells a story about comparative institutional structuresThe way that actors act and the strategies that will be feasible and the outcomesThe underlying institutional structure is the driver Mobilization story anchored in an interest based story cost and benefits Should be familiar with you now Tells a story about environmental policies When one is faced with the choice of amount of pollution we are allowed to spill out how much is acceptable it is never just environmental good and economic goodWhat decisions do we come to with this trade offUnderstanding government preferences for environmental regulation o Political mobilization and political risk Concentrated costsbenefits vs diffuse costsbenefitsRiskier to impose concentrated costso Relative strength of industry vs environmentalists Environmental mobilization can impact preferencesIn the end it is better for all of us to have clean air and a sustainable economy can only be sought out by a sustainable economy Governments work on short term cycles short term political gains election cycles must think about the impact within the next 25 years not 25 years political risk is greater for governments if they sacrifice jobs vs promoting environmental regulations She says that moments when environmentalists have been successful happens but i
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