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Lecture 7

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Political Science 222 Lecture 7 February 2 2012Federal Government Finance 20102011 Total expenses 2705 B o Of which 309 is debt servicing Total revenues 2371 BDeficit 334Transfers Payment to a third party for which no good or service is receivedo The federal government is not contracting to provide service or good it is an entity not part of the federal governmento It will increase exponentially Total Transfers 1579 B o To Individuals 461B o To provinceterritory 677 B o Canadian Health Transfer is the largesto Fiscal capacity every province has a sponge but the amount of water in each sponge is different but it depends how much water you can squeeze out equalization fund Aboriginal PoliticsCentral Ideas o CitizenshipCitizenry A package of rights How should the relationship be between the twoBoundary What are the cr
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