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Lecture 9

Political Science 222 lecture 9.docx Electoral System

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Political Science
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POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

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Lecture 9 Electoral Systems ElectionsWhy care at all about elections o Democratic Legitimacy o Reveal democratic preferenceso Accountability Why care about specific electoral rules o Cairns 1968 the electoral system is to the politician like the price system is to the politician like the price system is to the business person o Electoral rules translate votes into seatso Create distortions How to pick between electoral rules o Which is bestDoes not seem feasible to run government to run by direct democracy We must appoint legislatures to which people to occupy these seats You choose which is the least bad or the one you believe has the proper distortionsOne delivers more on the stability imperative theres no wrong answer they are all differentCreate a hybrid system customize own electoral systemOntario 2007 PEI have had referendums to change electoral system but they all said no Non Proportion
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