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Lecture 19

Political Science 222 lecture 19.docx Citizen Engagement

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Political Science 222 April 3 2012 Lecture 18 Citizen EngagementRole of Citizen Engagement in policymakingLadder of citizens participation Sherry Arnstein writing of the Model Cities initiatives in the US 1969Issues o As there we go up the ladder there is more power for citizens in the process but there must also be accountabilityo Citizen groups are not accountable to parliamentCitizen Power8 Citizen Control 7 Delegated Power 6 Partnership Tokenism5 Placation4 Consultation3 InformingNon Participation2 Therapy 1 ManipulationCitizens have a role in planning and informing themselves Once you have a recognition that citizens have a share responsibility what is the accountability in those policy decisionsAre those citizens le
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