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Lecture 4

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Political Science
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POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

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Caroline JohnpullePolitical Science 222 Lecture 4An Evolving Federalism DecentralizationCanadas Constitution 1867 set upa highly centralized federation o Federal governmentwas given the most important functions critical functions RailroadsHouses o Federal government Peace Order and Good Government o MoneyTaxationWhere the money goeso Disallowance PowerRight to disallow provincial legislation o ParamountImmigrationAgricultureNevertheless Canada has changed to a highly decentralized federation in practise Why o Judicial ReviewRole of judicial council o Political PressureThe rise of provincial rights movement o Demographic Change Alberta BC economics o Citizen ConstitutionalismFundamental Source of legitimacy New constitution will not be a peoples constitution not on the peoples sovereignty Citizens have a role in future amendment of the constitution especially those in QuebecElecting people we do in legislature they decide for us Since the late 1970s since
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