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Lecture 5

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Political Science 222 Lecture 5 January 26 2012Mock MidtermDefine the following terms 2 Marks eachThe Clarity ActSocial Realism S41 of the Constitutions ActPlease Identify the Following 3 Marks eachFaron Elliss argument of how the Conservative Party must define itself ideologically in order to succeedPlease answer the following questions 10 marksWhat are 2 different theories underlying Canadas federal bargain What implications do these theories hold for constitutional amendment processes in this country Lecture 78 Regionalism in Canada RegionalismPolitics of territoryo In order to make political demands real they must be anchored in a placeTerritorialisation of politics o Similar to federalism you could do things differently in different spaceso A way of addressing diversity different preferences of citizens o A region can have an impact in
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