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Lecture 14

Political Science 222 lecture 14.docx Mass Media Effects

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Political Science 222 March 15 2012 Lecture 14 Mass Media Effects Watched 2 television clipsFirst Hilary Clinton and her response to the 2008 election she cried and spoke how she wants the best for the US It was very sad but to me looked very fakeThe second video was an opinion talk between a few recognized political people they were critiquing her response some said she was fake crying others were sympathetic to her How did your opinion on her change What does it mean for media to have an independent roleKey questions in the study of media o How do you find media effects o Possible types of effects o What role do the media have on the formation of public opinion o Do these effects degrade o Is everyone affected by media in the same way o If is it is dependent on is someone listening Is it correct to think of it as one public o Do these messages challenge what you think o Does it condition the way people take in mediaTo get a media effect you cant just study a theory o You have to have a theory of public opinion o You have to have a theory about how it is people take in informationo How they understand that info o And how that helps them thinkWhat is the history of thought in the media effect o With the derives of broadcast journalismo Early 1950s media doesnt have much of an effect o General findings with everyone in this room post political info people are inattentive or dont care Conclusion for media studies about politicso It is very marginal in the field o There is a growing awakening in the 1980s by scholarso In voting studies very notable Bartels 1980 If media effects arent there then why so much attention by political staffo Why its hardEffect of media vs the effect of the event itselfNeed better theories about how people digest political info
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