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Lecture 7

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Aboriginal Politics Central Ideas Citizenship Citizenry: a definition of a boundary that defines if you are member of a political community or outside of it What is the package of rights that citizens hold? Disagreement on what the ideal relationship is between non-Aboriginals and Aboriginals What is the criteria that Aboriginals are part of the Canadian community (and vice- versa) Aboriginals rights = coexist with or accommodate within Canada White paper A document that is a statement of policy that has a backing of the government of the day Sovereignist/Separate Citizenship Pole Ideal that the Canadian and Aboriginal communities should not relate, they should be divided and their relationship should be on the same level as an international relationship In this consideration, Aboriginals are sovereign members in their own communities There can be no competing loyalty within this framework Representative of Mohawk political thought Assimilation/Equal Citizenship One Canada, one citizenry, one set of rights Quality of sameness Doesn't accommodate difference in terms of citizenship nor that an Aboriginal citizenship can exist with a Canadian one Incorporate/Differentiated Ci
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